Queensland Faith Communities Council


Queensland Faith Communities Council

Officially launched on 23 May 2017

(after 18 months of consultation)


We are a Queensland network of Faith Communities committed to:

  • advancing interfaith understanding and collaboration; and
  • making a positive contribution within the broader community.

Mission statement

We do this by:

  • engaging in dialogue that enhances our understanding of shared values and develops respect for our diversity;
  • publicly promoting interfaith relations by working together, through education, guidance and example, to support the positive outcomes of religious freedom, social justice, inclusivity and diversity.


Membership is open to any religious or faith/belief group or individual in Queensland interested in multi-faith activities, who can demonstrate support for the vision, mission and Code of Conduct of the Council.


About cultureboy

I wish to begin my profile by acknowledging and paying respect to the traditional owners, the Jagera People. Ugarapul People, Yuggera People and the Elders both past & present, on whose land I walk, I work and I live. Born into loving conservative Catholic family in the conservative provincial city of Geelong.Grew up in a prety sheltered and homophobic culture of Catholic education.Did the classic Catholic coping stategy of joining a religious order of men of course,(LOL) and fell in love with a few wonderful guys. Needed to come out so left all those dreams behind and threw myself into community work while I explored my sexuality.Came out to friends long before family.Live my sexuality in a prety public way and work on my role as a mentor for young guys, straight and gay.
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